What to Pack for Sakura Season in Japan

Japan Packing List


  • Destination:Japan (Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka)
  • Length: 12 days
  • Weather: 40-80° Fahrenheit / 4-26° Celsius / some sunny days, but mostly cloudy with some rain
  • Activities: Sightseeing & exploring, lots of walking & dining, two days of theme parks.
  • Detailed itinerary: Part 1, Part 2, DisneySea Guide

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12 Days in Japan, Part 1: Tokyo, Hakone

12 Days in Japan, Part 1: Tokyo, Hakone

Visiting Japan during Sakura Season is both wonderful and stressful; hotel rooms are in extreme demand, with sky-high prices, and popular attractions are swarmed by visitors. Although planning ahead is a good idea when it comes to traveling, it’s more important to keep an open mind and be accommodative to any last-minute changes. After all, the full bloom only lasts for about a week, and the dates can be quite unpredictable based on temperature.

Hopefully, my itinerary will help you make plans and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year in Japan.

Date: March 28th to April 9th


Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo
Day 4: Tokyo
Day 5: DisneySea
Day 6: DisneySea
Day 7: Train to Hakone
Day 8: Train to Kyoto
Day 9: Kyoto
Day 10: Day Trip to Nara
Day 11: Train to Osaka
Day 12: Osaka

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