What to Pack for Sakura Season in Japan

Japan Packing List


  • Destination:Japan (Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka)
  • Length: 12 days
  • Weather: 40-80° Fahrenheit / 4-26° Celsius / some sunny days, but mostly cloudy with some rain
  • Activities: Sightseeing & exploring, lots of walking & dining, two days of theme parks.
  • Detailed itinerary: Part 1, Part 2, DisneySea Guide


For any city-hopping trip, packing carry-on only makes things a lot easier. Japanese train and subway stations are gigantic and chaotic, so minimizing your luggage frees up your hands and mind, for better navigation and communication.

The weather during Sakura season in Japan is known to be unpredictable; and that was totally true for me. We started out wearing t-shirts in hot and sunny Tokyo, and ended up piling up all the layers we packed in rainy and cloudy Kyoto.

Since our primary means of transportation between cities and attractions was by train and subway, I packed the most comfortable shoes: a pair of trusty white sneakers, and a pair of boots for the rainy days.

For outer layers, I usually stick to one, but because of the huge shift in temperature throughout the trip, I decided to bring two: a classic blue denim jacket, and a water-resistant trench coat.

We had two days planned for DisneySea, which meant we would be out from morning to night. Layering is the key here: a couple of shirts, a cardigan, and a packable down vest. Make sure at least one person in the party brings a backpack, and the mid-layers can be taken off during the day.




1 | Crop tee
2 | Grey tee by Everlane
3 | Mickey graphic tee by Uniqlo | for that extra festive vibe in DisneySea
4 | Pink short sleeve shirt by Madewell
5 | Flannel shirt by Levi’s
6 | Plaid shirt by Levi’s
7 | Turtleneck tee | base layer when it’s cold
8 | Cardigan by Urban Outfitters | can be layered on top of many tees and shirts
9 | Denim jacket by Madewell | a lighter and easier jacket option on warmer days
10 | Trench coat by Calvin Klein | chic and water-resistant, comes with a separate hood and inner lining
11 | Down vest by Uniqlo | compact and warm


1 | High-rise boyjeans by Madewell
2 | Burgundy skinny jeans by Levi’s Made & Crafted
3 | Black skinny jeans by Madewell


1 | White Stan Smith sneakers by Adidas | comfortable and versatile
2 | Desert boots by Clarks | good option for colder or rainy days


1 | Mini saddle bag by Cuyana | my favorite purse for traveling, extremely lightweight and small, but fits all the essentials
2 | Carry-on bag by Longchamp
3 | Carry-on suitcase by Tumi
4 | Blanket scarf must-have for any sort of traveling
5 | Sunglasses
6 | Umbrella


1 | Toiletries
2 | A set of pajamas
3 | Three sets of bras & several undies
4 | Medical kit | painkillers, stomach relief, allergy relief, bandaids


I hope my list helps you make yours. Happy packing!

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