What to Pack for a Spring/Fall Trip to Europe

Spain & Italy Packing List


  • Destination: Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Granada) & Italy (Florence, Rome)
  • Length: 17 days
  • Weather: 50-80° Fahrenheit / 11-26° Celsius / mostly sunny, possible rain
  • Activities: Sightseeing & exploring, lots of walking & dining.
  • Detailed itinerary: Spain & Italy


For a multi-destination trip in Europe, I would highly recommend packing carry-on only because many European airlines don’t include checked bags (fees can add up very fast), and the cobbled streets there can make it a challenge to walk anywhere with larger pieces of luggage. Packing for a minimal but versatile wardrobe that can last for 17 days and fit in a small carry-on suitcase was a challenge, but I did it.

The unpredictable Fall/Spring weather was the tricky part. Temperature varies from sunny and warm in Barcelona to chilly and rainy in Rome, which meant I needed to prepare for everything.

A water-resistant trench coat is the perfect choice for an outer layer.

Layering is key – easily mixed and matched shirts, cardigans and a down vest.

Lots of walking – durable, comfortable shoes. White sneakers, desert boots, and flip-flops for Hostel shower rooms.

Concerts or shows – a multi-purpose silk dress.




1 | Crop tee
2 | Black tee | can double as sleep shirt
3 | Gingham short sleeve shirt by Madewell
4 | Turtleneck tee | base layer when it’s cold
5 | Plaid shirt by Levi’s
6 | Stripe tee by JCrew
7 | Cashmere sweater by Everlane | lightweight and super warm
8 | Cardigan by Urban Outfitters | can be layered on top of many tees and shirts
9 | Trench coat by Calvin Klein | chic and water-resistant, comes with a separate hood and inner lining
10 | Down vest by Uniqlo | compact and warm


1 | High-rise boyjeans by Madewell
2 | Black skinny jeans by Madewell
3 | Silk dress by Sezane | casual, but could be dressed up too


1 | White sneakers by Superga | good old white sneakers are the best travel shoes
2 | Desert boots by Clarks | always bring at least two pairs of everyday shoes to rotate and give your feet a rest
3 | Flip-flops | for public showers in Hostels


1 | Mini saddle bag by Cuyana | my favorite purse for traveling, extremely lightweight and small, but fits all the essentials
2 | Carry-on bag by Longchamp
3 | Carry-on suitcase by Tumi
4 | Blanket scarf must-have for any sort of traveling
5 | Sunglasses
6 | Umbrella
7 | Tights by Express


1 | Toiletries
2 | A set of pajamas
3 | Three sets of bras & several undies
4 | Turkish towel | thin, lightweight, and quick drying. Many hostels charge for towels, so bringing your own towel could save a lot when you switch hostels often.
5 | Medical kit | painkillers, stomach relief, allergy relief, bandaids
6 | Travel pillow a must for long-haul flights


I hope my list helps you make yours. Happy packing!


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